To order from this site at first you must register in de Menu option "Register".
After that you can login with your username/password combination.
As soon as you're logged in you can add in your trolley these insects, which are offered under "articles".
At everytime you can look up in your trolley under "order", where you amend, modify or send up your order.
After you've send the order to me it will evaluated by me.

All species are in A1 quality, exactly specified and with all dates of their origin, unless otherwise noted. The butterflies are unprepared and packed in transparent envelopes. The beetles are packed on cardboards with cotton in cellophane. For the Ornithoptera species the CITES are available.
If a species is marked with A-, so it is minimal defective (i.e. one broken antenna or it has a slight cut or ship in a wing). Concerning a beetle it be marked with A- if one leg is broken or the elytra is rubbed. The price of these is 50% less than the ordinary price.

After reception of your order we send you an invoice containing the ordered and available specimens. The account will be sent via E-Mail, by airletter or FAX, as you want. The minimum order is 25 EUR.


All prices are in EUR.
Known persons will pay after reception of the delivery. New customers have four ways to pay:

  1. You send us a check of the total amount after you have got our invoice.
  2. Prepayment of the total amount after reception of the invoice per International postage money order to my address or to an account standing on the invoice you will get.
  3. Per Visacard or Mastercard... Please tell us your Visacard- or Mastercardnumber with e-mail or fax and after checking the card the shipment of the insects will follow. IMPORTANT: Please tell us in addition the expiration date of the card.
  4. Payment per Western Union. In every big city there is a Western Union office. The Duration is within a day.

Costs od postage and packing:

Airmailpacket : depending on weight and country from 12,-- to 24,-- €

USA,Japan and other overseecountries:
Airmailpacket: about from 24,-- to 48,-- € depending on weight and country.

Orders more than 50,--€ ............   10 % Discount
Orders more than 100,--€ ............   15 % Discount
Orders more than 500,--€ ............   20 % Discount
Orders more than 1500,--€ ............ 25 % Discount


M = Male
F = Female
MF= Pair
L = large
EL= extra large
TR= Triple ( 1LM + 1M + 1F )